Asset Management

Air Nautics can act as your asset management office: we do buy and sale products for our clients. We market and re-market aircraft, engines, aircraft parts, and services as required. With our experience and extensive and dedicated network, we would be thrilled to perform for you.
Aircraft acquisition as an example.
Buying or selling an aircraft is a complex process; one that requires skill, focus, and a broad spectrum of knowledge. Air Nautics is your team.
Air Nautics offers airplanes and helicopters for sale. Feel free to review our aircraft inventory listings. If you are looking for a specific aircraft type, contact us and we will find it for you.
Whether you are looking for a helicopter or airplane, Air Nautics will act as your dedicated and discrete office. Our professional staff will use their experience and industry knowledge, to locate the exact aircraft that you desire. Our services stretch the entire globe while continually providing professional customer service throughout the acquisition process.
We analyze each acquisition in detail to make sure our clients experience with us one of his greatest satisfaction. We understand each deal is unique and deserves complete attention by those involved; therefore, we assure that our clients are up to date with all phases of the acquisition, purchase, inspection, documentation, and delivery.

Our Acquisition Process
• Identify the client’s expectations and desired specifications for the helicopter or aircraft to procure.
• Present the client with potential aircraft listings that meet the clients requirements
• Obtain proper documentation like log books, flight information, and maintenance records
• Discuss contractual agreements and present offer
• Negotiate counter offers or closing details
• Help out to set up the in inspection
• coordinate delivery between buyer and seller of the aircraft
Asset sales: buy well, and sell well.
Air Nautics has been assisting its clients in the sale of their excess aircraft or inventory. Though our services stretch worldwide, our customer account manager stays with our clients through every step of the sales process. Our goal is to create a strong team able to tackle all challenges that might rise during the process.
Throughout the sales process, our professionals will put together a full market analysis that following industry trends and direction. A fair assessment of the good to sale will be presented to the client displaying an initial sales price based on industry conditions and target market. Once a price is determined for an aircraft, we will begin focusing on advertising and marketing the good within local and worldwide markets to draw potential buyer. Our team also uses the latest strategies of online marketing and direct call campaign to find a buyer for our clients.

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