Field Project Management

We became experts in providing aerial solutions for your logistical and construction needs. We do this using helicopter for external loads or passenger transportation and fixed wings when the environment permits. Our range of expertise includes:
• Construction Projects: mining, dams….
• Oil Rig Moves
• Logistics: Elections support, disaster relief …
• Offshore Transportation…
We have done that in the most remote locations on earth in Africa; Angola, Cameroon, Gabon, Namibia….; or South America; Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru…. ; because this is exactly where you need solutions.

Your project could be short or long term we will provide the adequate mix of aircraft and crew to perform the service in the most efficient and economical way.

So whatever your need is contact us we will work on your project and deliver you a custom made solution because each intention is unique.

And because we are independent from the Manufacturers nor Operators we will propose what is best for you not for them.